Saturday, April 28, 2018

Birthday Wishes

To Ivy Wang whose birthday is today.  

Closing Banquet (Semi-Formal)

Location:  Vancouver Lawn Tennis & Badminton Club

6:00pm Cocktails

7:00pm Buffet Dinner

8:00pm Presentations

9:00pm Entertainment/Dancing & Live Band

NOTE:  Payment for your bar tab will be by Visa/Master Card/Debit card only. CASH and American Express NOT accepted.


Today the finals are being held at VRC only.  That way VLTBC can get ready for the Closing banquet.  Come and watch the top-notch badminton.  

How Many??

Other couples who met on the badminton court and who are playing (or intended to play) in this tournament are Anna Rice/Bobby Milroy and David/Cindy Levin.  Cindy says their marriage has lasted so long because they don't play together.  So that makes a total of 22 couples - I'm sure there are more but that's it for this Newsletter.

Today's Tidbits

Some folk have been at Passion8 for their massive shaved ice extravaganza.  I hear it was delicious.


Organizing Committee

The following are members of the organizing committee who were responsible for the tournament.

Wayne Dalin (VRC):  He was responsible for setting up the shuttle service

Karren Britten and Abby Kidd (VRC, VLTBC):  They not only organized all of the social events they spent almost every minute that they weren't on court at the venues ensuring that everything went smoothly.  They had volunteers to help them but the two of them carried the major load.

Mike Britten (VRC) who was responsible for the facility at VRC and spent countless hours moving tables, sofas, etc.  Thank goodness he has a strong back!  Thomas Haebler fulfilled a similar function at VLTBC

Sanne Dryborough (VRC) and Sam Dunner (VLTBC) were responsible for coordinating the registration.  With such massive numbers it was a monumental task.  

I mentioned Karen Tham earlier but did not mention William Hooley who coordinated the draw desk at VLTBC.

Social media, website, and live streaming were the responsibility of Richard Jordan and Erica Tao (VRC).

Karen Sun (VRC) was responsible for draw prizes and tournament apparel.

Daisy Lee (VRC) looked after public relations - Frank and Daisy made appearances on local TV stations before the tournament.

Clara Wai and Gerry Takeuchi (VRC) looked after the program.  Clara also looked after the medals and Gerry did design work and logos.

Joanne Sullivan (VRC) assisted by Monica Yue (VRC) coordinated medical.

Dennis Brown (VRC) was in charge of the seeding committee.

Henry Wong (VRC) looked after the local officials

Richard Freeman (VLTBC) acted as treasurer

Fundraising (what would we do without it) was the responsibility of Frank Price, Ram Nayyar, Richard Freeman and Anand Walia.


The 3 co-chairs:  Marian Holoboff, Ram Nayyar and Frank Price who gave unstintingly of their time, muscle and sweat.

All the volunteers who gave and gave again to make this tournament a success.

A big thank you to the sponsors of the tournament.  We had some major sponsors (Yonex, Matchpoint Development, Team Best and Vancouver Sport Hosting), but we also had many folk who gave what they could.  Because of their contribution we were able to provide extras over and above your entry fees.  Support was also provided by Badminton BC, Badminton Canada, the Vancouver Racquets and Vancouver Lawn Tennis and Badminton Clubs.

Lastly, the organizing committee would like to thank you, the participants for being part of a very successful tournament.  Hopefully you've enjoyed the play, the camaraderie and the sheer fun.  Not to forget the beautiful weather.  Have a safe journey home!



To all who are playing today: The best of luck to everyone!


Thus, endeth this epistle!


Friday, April 27, 2018

Birthday Wishes

To Scott Harrison whose birthday is today.


Try to arrive a couple of minutes early for your appointment with the massage students.  Enjoy!  Remember these are students - consider leaving a tip in the tip jar for their graduation fund.

Canadian Masters Association AGM

Remember that today the AGM will be held at 6 pm in the VRC lounge - wine and snacks provided.  Membership is only $10.00.  Come and make your voice heard.  If you can't attend give your membership dues to Mary Jo Randall.


Remember all matches (finals) will be held at VRC tomorrow.  Parking may be challenging due to the interest in the finals and a market south of the club on Ontario.  If you can't find parking at VRC or on the street try the gravel parking lot at Nat Bailey stadium.  For the latter enter on Ontario Street, just north of the club. 

There will be some exciting finals and there will be a crowd of people wanting to watch the games.  Please be considerate of the players and do not pass behind the court to reach either another court or some seating until there is a break in the play.  Thanks.

I was going to suggest some players to watch but there will be so many exciting matches - not only in the younger age categories but also in the older age groups.  Badminton truly is a life long sport. 

Closing Banquet

There are no more spaces for the banquet.  Please let Karren or Abby know ASAP if you are not going.

Talk about Devotion

Many of you may not know Margaret Thom.  Margaret consistently attends the Canadian Masters even though she has been unable to play for about 10 years.  She still comes for the fun and fellowship.  Margaret and Claire Bowyer complied the statistics on medal winners for the 70th World Masters that appeared in the program.  Thanks Margaret.

Today's Tidbits

In addition to the wonderful costumes on Wednesday night I understand some "bums" were on display when certain skirts were raised (much to the surprise of those doing the raising) .

Did you know our esteemed assistant referee Ian Lagden was a policeman here in Canada for 20 yrs.

Apparently Gordon Pearman and his wife have been married for 60 years - wow!  Congratulations.

Hug an Official Day

Today is "Hug an Official Day" (as declared by me) but if you are concerned about hugging someone without their consent make it a "Thank an Official Day".


Some of the typos with respect to names are my fault - others I blame on the auto-correct feature.  I apologize for all past and future typos (and other errors).

How Many??

Other couples who met on the badminton court and who are playing in this tournament are Ian Massing/Heather Dart and Neil Ward/Lyndsay Thomson (and this was already written before I heard there had been a complaint that we had missed them).  The total is now 22 - one last chance for more.


A special thank you to Simon Cheng (Allan's son) who built all of the benches on the far side of the courts at VRC.  This was just done in the last two weeks to accommodate spectators.

Remember to say thank you to any of the volunteers that you see - they have been cleaning courts, carrying your boards/bird down to the courts, entering the results, etc, etc.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Party Time

Hopefully everyone had a great time last night - some of the costumes were AMAZING!  The best picture group was "Star Wars"; the best actor was "Donald Trump", the best actress was "Tanya Harding", best player was "Von Trapp family", best performance was "Austin Powers" and best award went to "Men in Black".  Congratulations!

Birthday Wishes

To Alan Chow who is celebrating his birthday today!  


The sign up sheet for massage at VRC is located on the bulletin board today.  Space is limited so if you want a massage be sure to sign up early.

How Many??

Other couples who met on the badminton court and who are playing (or intended to play) in this tournament are Grant/Joyce Pittman, Sandra Reeves/Bryan Cryer, Jacek Molenda/Lorraine Siu, Louise Simmons/Andre Laforune and Sin Jin/Maria Cheah.  We're now up to 20 couples - any more?  Remember the criteria - both playing in this tournament and have to have met on the badminton court.


Massive apologies for putting in a wrong name yesterday.  Bruce (not Brian) and Marian Childs have been married 50 years.  Mea Culpa!  Unfortunately in trying to get out this newsletter daily there may be more errors!

Today's Tidbits

The photo in yesterday's Masters Moment shows Les Timar and "the Man in Motion", Rick Hansen.  They played doubles together at a badminton tournament in 1973.  Also in the photo is Anne Emberly who provided this photo.

Just reported to me - at least two players have been sighted wearing their 1999 VRC Masters' shirts (obviously they were a hit- as are this year's towels)

Another mixed doubles mixed-up couple are Wendy Carter and Henry Paynter with Henry spending more than 50% of the time at the net - according to my source..

Not only is it rumored that Rob Oldfield wore a skirt in a men's doubles match at Canadians (a bet???) but did someone say that Bill Metcalfe did the same???

I heard that a VLTBC member (who obviously always wears whites to play there) showed up for her match without whites.  A VRC member (Siew Har) loaned her the appropriate attire.


Karen Tham took this week off in order to help with the tournament and has been on the draw desk at VRC.  Give her a BIG THANK YOU.

Although the officials get a stipend (barely enough to cover their food) they too give up a week of their time to come and keep the tournament running smoothly.  Maybe we should designate Friday as a HUG AN OFFICIAL DAY!  (Or would that be considered inappropriate touching?)  Maybe you should ask first!!

Kudoes also to:  Denise Vines who cannot play due to a hip problem but has looked after the draw desk at VRC (only taking off today to golf) and to Mike Mitson who did all the entries and timing of the matches .  A big thank you to them.

Canadian Masters Association AGM

Friday, April 27, 6 pm at VRC lounge - wine and snacks provided.  Membership is only $10.00.  Come and make your voice heard.

Respect for Other Players

In consideration of those who have a problem with perfume or strong scents please DO NOT wear perfume on the court.   


If you haven't learned otherwise the parking is restricted (verboten) on Fir Street from 3-7 pm.  So, you will be ticketed if you are parked there when you go to VLTBC!  Take a close look at the street signs to ensure that you are legally parked.

Shuttle:  Between the hours of 3-7 pm the shuttle will pick up and drop off on Pine Street for Vancouver Lawn.  Follow the path from the far end of the VLTBC parking lot to the next street (Pine).

The Hardworking Committee

Your program contains the names of the Organizing Committee who are responsible for the smooth running of this tournament.  Exhaustion is not uncommon among them.


Wednesday, April 24, 2018


Celebrity Red Carpet "Birdie Awards" Banquet

Come one, come all but dressed appropriately for this highlight of the tournament social calendar!

Location:  Fraserview Banquet Hall:  8240 Fraser Street, Vancouver

Time:  6:30 pm Cocktails, :30 pm Buffet Dinner, :30 pm Costume judging followed by Dancing

Come dressed for the Red Carpet as a celebrity, a favourite character or group or as an attendee of the Birdie Awards. 

Awards for Best Picture (Group), Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Player, Best Performance and Best????

*REMEMBER:  CASH ONY bar - so leave your credit/debit card at home!!!!

Massage at VRC

Sign up for the free massage at VRC tomorrow morning.  This service will be provided on Friday from 1100 to 1500 by students from the Vancouver School of Massage and is only available at VRC.  The number of spaces (20) is limited as the students are on their Spring break.  If you manage to snag one of the spaces there is no charge but you may want to bring some $$ to provide a "tip".  This will go to the students' graduation fund.


Did you know that one of the volunteers, Clara Chalifour, is the mother of the former national team member Toby Ng.  (Toby is playing in the tournament).  Thanks Clara for volunteering.

How Many?? 

I asked for your help in identifying more couples/significant others who are both playing in this tournament and who met on a badminton court.  Curt and Sue Dommeyer met after being partnered up at the Canadian Nationals in Calgary in 2000.  They are now in their 16th year of marriage. Congrats you two! Other badminton couples are Yu-Hui Kang/Chi Ho Ng who also met on the badminton court, Brian and Marian Childs, Barbara Heaney/Henry Paynter, Margaret/Bill Chudyk and Eddie and Janette Watt.  

So far we have a total of 15 couples - are there more?

Today's Tidbits

I understand that not only are the Calgary contingent coming to the party as a group but so are the folks from Kelowna

Ian Assing and Heather Dart's charming daughter, Catherine, is 14 months old and shared a court with them during registration.  But.....did you know that Ian also has a 28 yr old son? 

Did you know that this is Ray Negraif's final tournament after many years as an umpire for Badminton Canada?

Canadian Masters Association AGM

Friday, April 27, 6 pm at VRC lounge - wine and nibbles provided.  Membership is only $10.00.  Come and make your voice heard

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Party Day

Tomorrow's party is the "Celebrity Red Carpet Birdies' Award Banquet".  I understand that a group of three women are having difficulty fitting into their dresses so they may add accessories to avoid doing up zippers.  See if you can identify them.  I have been sworn to secrecy.  For those of you who look forward to Frank's outrageous (?) costumes I have been advised that he will be quite sedate this time due to his role as one of the Chairs of this tournament.  What a sad state of affairs!


Did you know that the person in charge of the volunteers, Siew Har Hong, together with her partner Henry Paynter, won the 65 Mixed Doubles WBF championship in India in September 2017?  As well Siew Har won silver in the 65 singles and with her partner Marcia Jackson bronze in the 60 women's doubles.  Siew Har, Henry and Marcia are all playing this tournament. 


Our condolences to Joyce and Grant Pittman.   Joyce's mother died so they had to return home.  Also, our thoughts go to the family of Peter Dennert, (badminton player and umpire from Kelowna), who passed away recently and to Joyce and Grant Pitman. 


The Special T Group is on site at VRC again on Tuesday and Saturday.  They will be located in the parking lot.  This is your chance to get that special Canadian Masters sweatshirt or T-shirt with the tournament logo or other logo.


There will be free coffee first thing in the morning at VRC and the kitchen will be open for breakfast at 0930 (NOT FREE).


There is overflow parking for VRC on the gravel parking lot of Nat Bailey Stadium.  You enter off Ontario Street north of the club.

Today's Tidbits

A respected source said that Bin Lin and Tac Vuong were playing upside down mixed - in other words Tac was at the net and certainly deserves a skirt!

Maria Cheah was seen eating a coconut last night at the reception.  I wonder if it Is guaranteed to improve her smash?

I heard that Helen Roome found herself unexpectedly connected to T-mobile broadband through Ying-Fang Lai based on a previous connection when they both played in Halifax two years ago.

Anyone want a Lulu Lemon white skirt size 8?  Marti Reed has one for sale - a very special item for playing at VLT.  She says it is at a bargain price!  I know it wouldn't fit me!

Apparently two 60+ male singles players (Yves Prouix, Jeffrey Zee) went and played almost two full games today when Yves found out that he was playing the wrong opponent. He was to have played Xi Su.  Supposedly Jeffry Zee commented, "That was a good warm-up"!

Remember:  Send your tidbits to

Bus:  The bus drivers got two tickets today for stopping in a no stopping zone.  The bus can't and won't wait for you at the hotel first thing in the morning and in the afternoon rush hour at VLT.  So get out there the minute it arrives!!!!!


Monday, April 23, 2018

Welcome one and all!  Hopefully you enjoyed the reception last night.

This Newsletter will be produced each day throughout the tournament.  Forward any items/photos that you may wish to share to Joanne ( and as many as possible will be included.  50 copies will be available at each club daily so please pass them around.  A copy will also be available on the tournament Facebook page.


Tournament Profile

The players this year come from around the world and are of varying ages. There are 14 countries represented at the tournament including Canada, USA, Peru, China, Germany, Australia and others.  The youngest player is Jessie Chen from Richmond, BC and the oldest participant is Doug Lowe from Victoria, BC. 


Athletic Therapists (AT)

Athletic therapists will be on site each day at VRC and Van Lawn, beginning 30 minutes before start of play.  They will tape, provide ice, assess injuries and provide emergency first aid.  Their location is identified by signage.  As the finals will be held at VRC on Saturday there is no AT at Van Lawn on that date.



Do not leave any valuables unattended at VRC or Van Lawn.  This applies to articles of clothing as well as your wallet, jewelry, etc.

Lockers:  A few day use only lockers are available at VRC and Van Lawn but you need your own lock and have to remove it (and belongings) at the end of each day.  

It is WHITES ONLY at Van Lawn if you are scheduled there.



There are multiple volunteers assisting with the tournament.  Be sure to thank them.  They include some novice lines people so be kind and thankful that they take the onus of calling the lines from you.


Former Canadian Olympic Athletes

... participating in the tournament:  Milaine Cloutier (2000), Jody Patrick (2004), Anna Rice (2004, 2008), Toby Ng (2012)


Badminton History

Depending on the source a precursor of badminton was played in Greece and Egypt and known as battledore (racquet) and shuttlecock.  The British army in India popularized the game in the mid-19th Century. The name badminton comes from the Duke of Beaufort's estate Badminton House in Gloustershire. 


How Many?

Have you ever wondered how many couples who are both playing in this Masters met their partner/significant other on the badminton court?  Some who did include Clara Wai/Frank Price; Erica Tao/Richard Jordan, Siu-Imm Tay/Leslie Lau, Karren/Mike Britten, Abby/Byron Kidd, Patsy/Allan Regan, Rob Oldfield/Geraldine Pugh and Mary-Jo Randall/Ron Jordan.  Do you know of more?  If so, please forward the names to and we will see how many we can identify.  Both have to play in this tournament (not necessarily with each other) and met each other playing badminton.


Tournament Committee Co-Chairs

(Things you may not know about them).  Did you know that......

Marian Holoboff:  Marian goes to VRC each day to work out (executive workout?), followed by a steam and a glass of wine?

Ram Nayyar:  In addition to having been the Head coach of the Canadian badminton team at the Olympics in 2012-2016, Ram has written a book.

Frank Price:  Frank still uses a flip phone and AOL e-mail.  He refuses to upgrade to a smart phone and possibly likes to hear "You've got mail".  


Happy Birthday!

Congratulations to masters players, Bruce Anderson (celebrated his birthday yesterday) and Christopher Hill who celebrates his today.  Wish them the best.



The Special T Group will be on site at VRC on Tuesday & Saturday in the parking lot.  This is your chance to get that special Canadian Masters sweatshirt or T-shirt.