Athletes are eligible by age as of the first day of competition (April 23, 2018).
Singles, doubles, and mixed doubles events will be offered to athletes in age categories:  30+, 40+, 45+, 50+, 55+, 60+, 65+, 70+, 75+, 80+ and 85+

Draws with consolation will be offered for events with 5 or more players/teams.
Round robin format will be used for any events with 3 or 4 players/teams.
Events with only 2 players/teams will be played as a final.

Athletes of age 30-39 may enter a maximum of 3 events, all in their own age category.
Athletes of age 40-74 may enter a maximum of 4 events.
Athletes of age 75+, 80+ and 85+ may enter a maximum of 5 events provided that 3 events are in their own age group.

PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGE IN 5 EVENT REGISTRATION FOR THIS YEAR:  this is due to the larger number of participants expected in 65+ and 70+ age categories.

Participants are restricted to a maximum of 2 events per discipline.  That is, each player is limited to a maximum of 2 singles or 2 doubles or 2 mixed doubles events.  



The tournament entry fee is $210 and payment is required at the time of on-line registration via Badminton Canada Tournament Software.  Player entry fee includes Opening Reception, Theme Night & Closing Banquet, player package with souvenir and all shuttles. 

All players must have a Badminton Canada Tournament Software Account.

Canadian players must register before entry with a Canadian National Level membership.

For non-residents who do not have an existing National level membership badminton Canada has created an International Player membership ($25) which when validated (contact John Russell at will permit online entry to the tournament. Online entry is restricted to players who have a valid badminton Canada domain Player ID, account and membership. The International Player membership satisfies these online entry requirements.

Due to court time restrictions and the large number of entries expected THE ENTRY WILL INITIALLY BE LIMITED TO THE FIRST 350 PLAYERS.

Any players not registered if the entry is closed prior to the March 21st deadline due to the 350 maximum being reached will be permitted to enter only if they are listed as a doubles partner of a registered player.  These players may register for one singles event and may be allowed to pair up with players that are requesting partners.

On-line entry closed (maximum reached), click here to access the Badminton Canada Tournament Site.


Registration at Vancouver Racquets Club only:  4:00 - 8:00 pm Court 1, Sunday, April 22

  • Anyone not able to register on the Sunday can register prior to their first match on Monday, Apr 23 at the VRC or VLT.

Practice Court Time:

  • VRC 12:00 - 6:00 pm Sunday, April 22
  • VLTBC 12:00 - 6:00 pm Sunday, April 22  (Remember: white clothing)

Opening Social:  7:00 pm at VRC lounge and bar, Sunday April 22.